Expect the Unexpected with These Fun Outdoor Pet Activities

Expect the Unexpected with These Fun Outdoor Pet Activities

Summer is the season for fun, but sometimes, we forget that the best opportunities are right outside our back door. Sure, your pet may enjoy cruising around with you to other places, but there are many ways to find joy (not to mention entertainment and exercise) without ever leaving home. If you’ve been wondering what outdoor pet activities are right for you and your best friend, we’ve got you covered!

A Note on Heat

Texas temperatures make for a sizzling summer, and all pets deserve close and careful consideration of their needs. It’s vitally important that they remain cool, comfortable, and hydrated all summer long. Always ensure they have access to lots of shade, and watch out for any injuries to their delicate paw pads. Provide fresh, cool water all day, every day.

Despite the heat, you and your pet can still have fun together this summer. One effective safety measure is to restrict outdoor pet activities to the early morning or evening hours.

Rediscovering the Originals

When’s the last time you played fetch, hide-and-seek, or tug-of-war with your pet? Perhaps you both used to enjoy these outdoor pet activities but haven’t been able to play lately. Consider embracing these oldies but goodies. We promise you’ll both be smiling after a few minutes!

Up the Ante

There are so many different types of frisbees these days. Take your dog shopping to see what materials, shapes, and textures they prefer. Then head outside for the best reward!

DIY pet toys make for great summer activities. Flirt poles are excellent training tools and tons of fun! Similar to a big cat chase toy, flirt poles provide tremendous physical and mental workouts in a short amount of time.

You could also walk or hike to your favorite fishing spot, and play while you’re waiting for bites.

So Agile

Building an obstacle or agility training course is one of the most rewarding outdoor pet activities. Not only do they provide phenomenal exercise for your pet, but they also help cultivate new skills and add to their mental fitness.

Get Rolling

Bike riding with your dog is fun and exciting, but it can take time to build up your pup’s abilities. Have patience, offer lots of praise and encouragement, stick to familiar routes, and only increase difficulty after proven mastery.

Rollerblading and skateboarding also offer more speed for your dog’s daily run, but the noise can be off-putting. Be sure to give your pet plenty of time to adjust to these activities.

Embracing Outdoor Pet Activities

Playing with your pet is always a good idea. Time spent together in this way enhances trust, strengthens your bond, and diminishes unwanted behaviors. Outdoor pet activities are a great way to combat the summer blues and have fun with your best friend. Always make sure to keep an eye out for rattlesnakes when doing outside activities! Contact us to see if your pet can benefit from a rattlesnake vaccine.

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