Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Schertz, TX

Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Schertz, TX

Vaccinations are a key part of your pet’s preventative care plan. Cat and dog vaccinations protect against diseases that are difficult or impossible to treat. Some diseases are also zoonotic, meaning they can be transferred to your human family, too. With consistent vaccinations, both the pet and human community of Schertz is that much safer from disease.

At Schertz Animal Hospital, we develop a specific vaccination protocol for your pet that meets all their needs and keeps them (and your family) as healthy as possible. Call (210) 659-0345 to schedule an appointment for your pet.

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Is Your Pet Due for Vaccines?

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Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Schertz, TX

Why Does My Indoor-Only Pet Need Vaccinations?

Diseases are spread by more than close animal contact. Many of the viruses and bacteria that cause disease are resilient and able to live in the environment on various surfaces for a significant amount of time. With this in mind, your indoor-only pet can still come in contact with them in the following ways:

  • Sharing food/water bowls with an infected animal
  • Contact with an infected animal through screens or screen doors
  • Via your hands or clothing after you interact with an infected animal
  • Escaping and coming into contact with wild animals or infected pets

This is why cat and dog vaccinations are so vital to your pet's overall health, they could catch a disease anywhere!

Cat and Dog Vaccines We Offer in Schertz, TX

Whether your pet is indoor, outdoor, or somewhere in between, pet vaccinations are a vital safeguard against disease. At Schertz Animal Hospital, we develop a vaccination protocol based on your pet’s lifestyle and level of exposure so they only receive the vaccines they actually need.

The vaccines we offer include:

Lifelong Vaccines Make for a Lifetime of Health

Your pet’s vaccinations will begin when they are still a puppy or kitten. As they are weaned off their mother’s milk, they lose the vital antibodies that protect them from disease. With a series of vaccinations during their first year, their immune system receives the boost it needs to keep them healthy. Thereafter, adult cats and dogs will need routine boosters to keep their immunity up. The timeline for vaccines is as follows:

Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Schertz, TX

Schedule a consultation with our veterinarians to start your pet on routine vaccinations.
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