Involving Your Kids in Pet Care

Involving Your Kids in Pet Care

Young girl with golden retriever walking awayIf you’re a parent to both pets and children, then it’s likely you’ve noticed the special bond shared between your “kids”.  It’s also likely that, as a parent, you are working to raise a responsible pet owner by involving your kids in caring for your family pet.

Thankfully, involving kids in pet care can be a simple, yet effective, way to teach children the lessons of responsibility, compassion, and decision-making. Even small jobs, such as playing with your pet or brushing your pet’s fur, help to teach even the youngest of children about the responsibilities (and joys) of pet ownership.

As your children grow, so should their responsibilities. But what is enough, and what is too much, when it comes to involving your kids in pet care? Here are a few suggestions to consider as you map out your child’s responsibilities for caring for your family pet.

Involving Your Kids in Daily Pet Care

Naturally you don’t want to overwhelm you youngster, but he or she should understand that caring for a pet is a commitment and not a passing fad. You’ll want to make caring for your pet fun, but also involve them in some of the less-than-glamorous aspects, too.

Never make your pet’s survival dependent on your child. Your child should know that your pet will be OK, even if they mess up. After all, this is a learning experience, not a reality TV show.

That being said, here are some ways your child can help care for your pet at home:

·      Daily feeding and watering

·      Letting you know when it’s time to purchase pet food and supplies

·      Picking out treats and toys

·      Daily walks and exercise

·      Cleaning up after your pet (indoors and out)

·      Bathing and brushing your pet

·      Picking up your pet’s toys

·      Teaching your pet new tricks

·      Helping to ensure that your yard is secure so your pet can’t escape

·      Keeping your pet’s bedding washed

·      Keeping your pet’s leash and other gear where it belongs

You may also want to consider bringing your child along to your pet’s routine wellness exam, or other non-emergency appointment. This opportunity can give your child the opportunity to learn about veterinary health and ask questions that he or she may have about pet health and care.

At Schertz Animal Hospital, we welcome young pet owners to participate in these appointments, and are happy to answer their questions, as well as yours.

If you have any other questions about involving your kids in pet care, or if you have a child that is curious about veterinary medicine, please give us a call. We’re happy to help you cultivate the next generation of pet owners and budding veterinarians.

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