Is It Really Possible to Find a Pet-Friendly Rental?

Is It Really Possible to Find a Pet-Friendly Rental?

For pet owners that don’t own homes, rental units are the only way to go. With about half of all renters living with pets, there’s at least 30% of all renters that would adopt pets if they were allowed.

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult for pet owners to secure a pet-friendly rental, but with our tips you can score your next place without too much trouble.

Changing Perceptions

While offering a pet-friendly rental to the public can seem like a dicey move to landlords, it can actually be a great investment. Generally speaking, responsible pet owners are among the most caring, considerate, and conscientious people out there. Plus, the vacancy rate dwindles when pet owners move in. Indeed, renters with pets have a lower move-out rate, do not break leases as often, and tend to keep communal areas in tip-top shape. Everybody wins!

Things to Be Aware Of

Prospective renters with pets will likely encounter resistance from a non pet friendly rental because of fears related to property damage, disruption, yard destruction, odor, and even aggression. It may seem impossible to change a landlord’s mind, but with the following ideas they may soften up a bit:

  • Put together a pet resume that shows them at their cutest and most accomplished. List training they’ve received, references from previous landlords or roommates, and a brief medical history that shows full vaccinations and up to date parasite prevention.
  • Be honest and upfront about your pet’s breed, age, weight, lifestyle, and personality. It’s best to be transparent so things don’t come back to haunt you (or your landlord) later, risking your ability to renew the lease.
  • Ask to meet in person so they can see how great your pet is! Have your pet demonstrate any special commands or tricks, but generally allow them to just be their sweet, mellow, adorable selves.
  • Offer to pay an upfront pet deposit (refundable if no damage is incurred to the property or surroundings) or ask if a pet rent can be paid every month. This is usually between $20-100 a month on top of current rent.

Pet-Friendly Rental

When on the hunt for a pet-friendly rental, be sure to check the box in your search parameters for animals. It’s best to try these units first before fixating on a new place that clearly advertises for no-pets allowed.

In your negotiations, take care to read all line items. For instance, many landlords and property managers use a general lease that may say no pets. Cross it out, initial it, and ask that the other party does, too.

Movin’ On Up

If veterinarians and staff members can assist you with additional questions or concerns, we’re always here for you at Schertz Animal Hospital. Good luck!

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