Ten Incredible Pet Gifts for 2017

Ten Incredible Pet Gifts for 2017

bulldog at the Christmas treeIf you’re reading this, you’re probably a dedicated pet owner who strives to deliver only the best for your four-legged friend. This holiday season, don’t get into a rut when attempting to choose from among the year’s best pet gifts. Schertz Animal Hospital has done the work for you. Start clicking and watch your pet’s health and happiness skyrocket!

Safety First

When choosing pet gifts, we encourage you to consider what is and is not safe. Your pet should always be protected from entanglements, choking hazards, poisoning, and electric shock. If you have questions or concerns about a specific product, please let us know.

Decidedly Canine

There are definitely toys that appeal to both cats and dogs, and you might see some crossover play if you have both in your home. That being said, however, the following items are designed specifically for your special canine (and we think they’re doggone wonderful!):

  • Fetchers – Looking to upgrade your pup’s favorite game? Look no further than the BazooK9 Launcher, Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster or HurriK9 100-Foot Flying Ring. Tired of throwing ball after ball? The iFetch does it for you, so you can sit back, relax, and take some action shots of your dog in hot pursuit.
  • Gear – Some dogs enjoy pulling their owners down the street. The We Leash Communal Lead solves this problem, so you can both go for a stroll without wondering who’s taking who for a walk.
  • Household Stuff – Upping the ante for a dog who has every toy can be challenging. Consider The Pawcet Drinking Fountain or Woof Washer for fun water times. You’ll rest assured your dog drinks enough and enjoys his or her bath!

For the Furball in Your Life

Cats love the opportunity to chase, stalk, and pounce their “prey.” Providing moments where they can employ their remarkable skills also adds a great deal to their overall environmental enrichment, and many toys work purr-fectly well. Eliminate boredom, increase mental acuity, and help tone your cat with the following products:

Pet Toys are Tiring

A wonderful companion to any of the aforementioned pet gifts is a new bed or snuggle spot. After you exercise your pet and stretch out all those mental muscles, encourage him or her to take an indulgent snooze in one of the following:

Pet GIfts That Keep On Giving

Finally, a Meow Box or Barkbox Subscription can answer the call for pet gifts year long. If you’re looking for an extra-special surprise, don’t underestimate the charms of the Cat Face Massage Wheeler (for your dog, too!).

From our family to yours, we wish you a very happy and safe holiday season!

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