Dealing with Pet Loss Through Honoring the Memory

Dealing with Pet Loss Through Honoring the Memory

I love dogsNo matter how long we have our four-legged friends, it is never quite long enough. Coping with pet loss can be extremely difficult, and the process is no different from dealing with the loss of a close friend or family member.

Honoring the memory of your special friend can be a helpful and uplifting way to help yourself or a loved one cope with the death of a beloved animal. Keep reading to learn more about this method of dealing with pet loss.

Dealing with Grief

Grief is a normal response to loss of any kind, especially someone so special as a pet. It is normal to feel shock, anger, and even depression during this kind of mourning. Working through these feelings is important on the road to healing.

Allowing yourself to grieve is vital. Some people believe that feeling so strongly about pet loss is embarrassing or unfounded, but animals hold a very special place in the hearts of many and their loss can be just as devastating as any other. This is especially true if you have had to make the decision to euthanize.

Taking care of yourself and surrounding yourself with a good support system is vital. Honoring your pet’s memory can also be a helpful coping mechanism, allowing yourself some closure and a healthy feelings.

Honoring Pet Loss

Dealing with pet loss through honoring the memory of your dear friend doesn’t need to be complicated. Often the simplest of gestures are the most rewarding. Keep your pet’s memory alive in your heart by:

Reminiscing – Sit down with friends and family and share your fond memories of your pet. Alternatively, write down your own list or stories, or make a special scrapbook to reflect on the times you shared with him or her.

Making a charitable donation – It can feel wonderful for something good to come of your pet’s passing. Consider making a charitable donation to a rescue, charity, research organization, or local veterinary school in your pet’s honor. Volunteering your time and effort working in a local shelter or other place where animals are in need are also a great way to do good in the name of a special pet.

Make the memories into something tangible – A stuffed animal, painting, or figurine that resembles or represents your pet can be heartwarming. If you are creative, though, the sky’s the limit. Make a piece of jewelry out of his or her identification tag, cast a clay paw print, or incorporate some fur into a bracelet. There are even companies that will use your pet’s nose print to create jewelry from your pet’s actual DNA.

Create a memorial to your pet – Set aside a small shelf or table in your home to display a favorite picture and light a candle. Meditating on your pet’s memory can be quite helpful for some people. You are also welcome to put your pet on our memorial wall.

Pet loss is a difficult thing for most pet owners, but something that we will all likely experience. Don’t forget that you are not alone and that many, including the staff here at Schertz Animal Hospital, understand and are available to help.

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