Learn to Love the Leash: The Importance of Dog Leashes

Learn to Love the Leash: The Importance of Dog Leashes

The nickname, “a dog’s lifeline,” for leashes should tell you right away why they are important.

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10 Reasons Why Dog Leashes Matter 

1. It’s a Great Good Neighbor Policy

Keeping your dog on a leash while out for walks will only keep them and others around them safe. No matter how much you trust your dog to stay by you, you never know what might jump out and startle them or attract their attention. A leash also communicates to people who are with small children or otherwise just afraid of canines that you are in control of your animal. 

2. Improved Companionship

A well-trained and leash-trained dog will provide a more pleasurable experience during walks for both of you. 

3. Prevention of the Spread of Disease 

Dogs on leashes are less likely to contract illnesses from exposure to Parvo or Distemper because they can be restrained from approaching animal droppings. 

4. Keeps Your Dog Safe in High Traffic Areas

A leashed canine is much less likely to dart into traffic or encounter unrestrained animals. Accidents and animal bites are greatly reduced when owners are responsible and keep their dog  on leashes. 

5. It’s a Representation of You

An obedient dog makes you look good. If you are seen around the neighborhood with a dog that is happily trotting next to you, it will most likely reflect the fact that you are a good, responsible owner. 

6. Makes Relocation  Easier 

Relocating a dog  into another household if you move is much easier. Dogs that are obedient and leash-trained often trust their owners more, and they are likely to go where you lead them. 

7. It’s a Reward

Dogs that are used to leashes usually connect the sight of their leashes as a clue that they are about to go on a walk or somewhere else with you. Most owners can tell you that their dogs immediately wag their tails the second they see their leashes being pulled out.

8. It Shows Your Dog is Not a Stray

If your dog gets out or evades your control, and it has a leash on, that fact instantly connects with people who see the dog leash that there’s an owner out there somewhere who is probably looking for it. 

9. It’s a Relief to Wildlife

Dogs on leashes are not free to approach or chase wild animals, which, if they could talk, they’d likely thank you for. 

10. It’s the Law

Most places have laws in place that require you to keep your dog on a leash because it’s the best way to keep everyone—including the dog—safe. 

Types of Dog Leashes

Standard Leashes

These are the best for basic training, and they have a loop handle at one end and a metal clip at the other to attach to a dog’s collar or harness. The lengths are typically four to eight feet (six feet are ideal for most dogs), and these leashes are typically made out of nylon, metal, rope, or leather. 

Retractable Leashes

These contain a nylon band or cord of up to 26 feet that retracts into a plastic case with a handle. You can usually lock them in place at any length. Owners should only consider this kind of leash if their pets have already been trained on standard leashes first (otherwise they might form the bad habit of pulling you). Furthermore, you should always watch your dog closely when hooked up to this kind of leash—especially at longer lengths—because there are risks associated with choking.

Adjustable Leashes 

These leashes are similar to the standard ones, but they have several loops along the leash that allow a clasp to shorten or lengthen the leash. The various sizes can be beneficial during certain kinds of training.

Slip Leads for Dogs

These are an all-in-one collar and leash. The leash loops onto itself and goes over a dog’s head. Then, if the dog pulls, the collar will tighten. This can be dangerous if you don’t know how to use it properly (as a dog’s airway can be cut off) and only seasoned owners (with well-trained dogs) should consider this option. Another thing to consider is having a second collar with ID tags on the dog at all times as well. 

Dog Leashes with Special Features 

These kinds of leashes vary, but they can be designed to include things like special grip handles, reflective strips to be seen at nighttime, built-in waste bags, and more. 

Ask Our Animal Hospital If You Have More Questions About Dog Leashes

A dog leash is an essential item you should have for your dog for many reasons, and there are various types of leashes you can purchase that will fit your dog best.

If you have more questions about dog leashes, let our animal hospital know. 

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