Fostering Pets Can Be The Best Thing Ever

Fostering Pets Can Be The Best Thing Ever

Fostering pets in need of adoption can help!Have you ever considered fostering a pet? Perhaps you’ve already been down this road, or maybe you’ve never heard of such a thing. Fostering a pet is very rewarding for the foster family, the pet, and the shelter or rescue organization. Schertz Animal Hospital has lots of reasons why this endeavor could warm your heart while giving a needy pet their greatest opportunity for a happy life.

What is Fostering a Pet?

First things first. Pet fostering means that you temporarily provide a home for shelter or rescue animals for a variety of reasons. Most of the time the fostering commitment is until the pet finds a forever home. Fostering a is crucial component of the pet rescue world, as some shelters and most rescue organizations have limited shelter space.

Why Fostering A Pet Is Great for You

There are also countless reasons why fostering a pet is a wonderful opportunity for you and your family.

It warms your heart – What a great feeling to watch a nervous, anxious pet relax into your home and care and become trusting, loving members of the family.

It can ease your transition – If you’ve recently lost a pet and aren’t sure if you’re ready to take on a new pet, fostering can be a way to be around animals, help a pet in need, and ease yourself back into pet ownership without the long term commitment.

It can be great for your kids – Gaining the trust of an animal can be a powerful lesson for kids, and it can be a boost for their self esteem. Make sure you work closely with the rescue group to choose an appropriate animal to foster if you have kids.  

Not so hard to say goodbye – Many people choose not to foster a pet because they are afraid that it will be too hard to say goodbye. While this is bittersweet, seeing your foster pet’s happy ending will make it all worthwhile.

A community of foster families – The rescue, shelter, and fostering communities are a tight-knit group of like minded individuals. You’ll get to know a group of friends you’d never have met before.

You’re covered – Many fostering groups and shelters cover medical expenses and out of pocket costs such as pet food and supplies. You have the benefit of spending time with your foster pet at a fraction of the cost of pet ownership.

Why Fostering A Pet Is Great for Them

Loving attention – Although all shelter pets get daily TLC, being in a home lets the pet know they are loved and safe. For pets who are stressed by shelter living, this can be a great gift.

Let them shine – As above, being in a home environment sometimes lets a pet show their true personality without the stress of being in a shelter. This often makes pets more adoptable, as they learn social skills and manners related to home life.

Save a life – Bringing home a foster pet allows the shelter to free up space to take in more rescued animals, literally saving pet lives.

If you’re interested in fostering a pet, give us a call. We can connect you with organizations in our area, like Under Savanna’s Wings, South Texas Persian Rescue, and Home for Pets, that would love to give you more information and get you started.

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