Halloween Pet Safety – What You Should Know

Halloween Pet Safety – What You Should Know

Halloween party dogHalloween is a lot of fun for lots of people – and their pets! The costumes, parties, treats, haunted houses, and pranks are all part of a recipe to make funny Halloween memories. Who doesn’t want to see a dachshund dressed up like a hot dog, right? But not everyone – human and animal alike – finds the ghouls and goblins so thrilling.

This Halloween season, pet owners can prevent dangerous situations for their pet and be on the lookout for the ways that their pet could find trouble. It’s wonderful to include your pet if you have confidence in their comfort and enjoyment of the holiday, but be aware of the following safety precautions:

  • Costumes – Airways and vision should never be compromised in order to look cute or scary this Halloween. Make sure your pet can see (masks are usually not appreciated by our four-legged friends) and breathe normally. Also take note of your pet’s temperature throughout the festivities. You do not want your pet to overheat while in costume. Provide extra water for your pet’s necessary hydration.
  • Decorations – True, that light-up black widow is super cool. But that power cord could be dangerous. Make sure your pet can’t get caught up or trip on electrical cords. Also, your pet could face electric shock if that cord can’t be resisted to chew on. Keep all decorations out of your pet’s reach to be on the safe side.
  • Jack o’lanterns – Halloween simply isn’t complete without a carved pumpkin. However, we recommend leaving your jack o’lantern outside on your front steps throughout the night. If left indoors, your pet could accidentally knock it over or purposely stay focused on the flame. Either way, that pumpkin is a fire hazard. Also, pumpkins can cause painful indigestion if too much is consumed.
  • Identification – Generally, we advise keeping your pet inside prior to dusk for the rest of the night (cats (and black cats) especially). Not only are pets at risk of senseless Halloween pranks but they could get lost if they are outside trying to mitigate crowds and loud voices. If you are unable to keep your pet indoors on Halloween please check on your pet’s microchip information and update it if necessary. Invest in a reflective collar so people can see your pet at night.
  • Candy – All types of candy should be off-limits to your pet but the worst offenders are candies made with chocolate and Xylitol. Both are extremely dangerous for cats and dogs and should not be allowed.Contact us if you think your pet ingested either. Also, candy wrappers can create painful blockages in your pet’s digestive system. Please keep all candy out of your pet’s reach and watch your pet closely if you’ll trick-or-treat together as wrappers may be discarded along the way.
  • Create A Safe Space

    Your pet may be a seasoned player at Halloween time, fully capable of answering the bell of trick-or-treaters without any trouble or anxiety. You’ve dressed him or her up plenty of times and gone for walks on Halloween night without problems of any kind from the list above.

    However, if you are a pet owner that has an unpredictable pet we advise you to take the path of caution regarding the potential dangers at Halloween. Create a safe space for your pet full of blankets, pillows, soft lighting, water, and some special pet-friendly treats to round out the cozy scene. That way they will be away from the possible dangers associated with Halloween and you can relax knowing that they are safe and comfortable.

    Happy Howl-o-ween from your friends at Shertz Animal Hospital!



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