New Dog Owner Tips from the Experts at Schertz Animal Hospital

New Dog Owner Tips from the Experts at Schertz Animal Hospital

The excitement of being a new dog owner can be wonderfulSo, you’ve decided to adopt a dog. Congratulations! You are probably overflowing with excitement as you picture the joy and fun a canine companion will bring to your life. Becoming a dog owner for the first time is an important life decision, and your friends at Schertz Animal Hospital want it to be as wonderful as possible.

Check out our new dog owner tips that will help you and your furry friend adjust to life together.

Getting Ready

One of the most important aspects of dog ownership is the time and energy you spend preparing for your dog’s arrival. Dogs add a significant amount of time, energy expenditure, commitment, frustration, and expense to your life, so it’s important to think things through ahead of time.

Educate yourself on how much you can expect to spend on vet bills, food, and supplies over the life of your pet. Research various breeds, and be honest with yourself about the time and energy you have available for a new pet.

Settling In

As happy and excited as you and your dog are to finally be together, keep in mind that your pup has plenty of things to adjust to. You can help your dog successfully acclimate to their new environment in the following ways:

  • To avoid an upset stomach, stick to the same food your dog was eating before they came to live with you. You can gradually switch the diet later on.
  • If possible, keep a blanket or toy from your dog’s previous place, so that your new pet has some familiar smells during this transitional period.
  • Keep your dog near you at all times during the first week or so, and limit their access to the home to avoid accidents.

Establish Your New Dog Owner Routine

Like children, pets thrive on a routine, and knowing what to expect each day can be a huge comfort while your dog is adjusting to life with you. Strive to keep feeding, playtimes, walks, and bedtime the same every day.

Meet Your Dog’s Needs

Having the right food, toys, and other products on hand is essential, but dog ownership is about so much more than pet supplies. Besides bringing your pet in to see us for their regular wellness examinations, your dog needs plenty of exercise, play, and humane obedience and socialization to help them become a happy, well adjusted pet. Your veterinarian will be glad to discuss your pet’s exercise needs and recommend obedience training classes.

Practice Kindness

Have patience with your new pal remember to act and speak lovingly and kindly, even during times of irritation or frustration. Being a new dog owner is not without its challenges, but the laughter, love, and rewarding bond you are developing with your pet is well worth it.

Don’t hesitate to contact the team at Schertz Animal Hospital with any questions you may have about your new pet.

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