How do New Pet Owners Figure it Out? Trial, Error, and a Few Tips From Us!

How do New Pet Owners Figure it Out? Trial, Error, and a Few Tips From Us!

new pet ownersAdjusting to life as a new pet owner can be full of challenges. But at least there’s an adorable, loving, playful pet willing to endure the work with you, making all their little foibles more tolerable.

No two pets or owners are alike. However, every unique pair can benefit from some tried and true methods. Without these tips for new pet owners, a truly successful relationship may be harder won.

Beyond the Basics

Chances are, you conducted thorough research before adopting your new furry friend. Whatever species, breed, age, temperament, and lifestyle is the best match for you and your family, we hope the following pet care basics have already been addressed (or are about to be fulfilled!):

  • A wellness exam is critical shortly after your pet’s adoption. Deworming, parasite prevention, and vaccination schedules provide the best defense against illness and disease.
  • Spaying/neutering your new pet has numerous benefits beyond unwanted litters and overpopulation. Lifelong reproductive health is vastly improved with this straightforward surgical procedure, and cancers or infections are reduced.
  • A single microchip implanted between your pet’s shoulder blades can make all the difference if you’re ever separated. A collar with ID tags is also essential, even for strictly indoor pets.
  • Training goes hand in hand with physical health. Without proper socialization and/or obedience, pets are unable to behave and cope in new situations.

Get Started Early

Once all the appropriate supplies and gear have been amassed, new pet owners can get to work establishing a routine. Bathroom breaks and meals must always occur at the same time every day.

Equally important is your pet’s relationship with grooming. Start early to ensure successful nail clipping, coat brushing, ear cleaning, and, above all, tooth brushing.

Into the World With New Pet Owners

Crate training is one of the best things new pet owners can do for their pets. Not only does the crate provide a safe and quiet place at home, but it also ensures that Fluffy or Fido can travel without excess stress and anxiety. This makes routine veterinary visits easier and, as a result, more likely to actually occur.

Play’s the Thing

New pet owners and their delightfully sweet pets can find their groove after a few days or weeks spending valuable quality time together. Playing, exercising, and snuggling are sure-fire ways to cultivate a wonderful relationship.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Congratulations and good luck!  Schertz Animal Hospital’s veterinarians are always here if you need us.

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