Overfeeding Your Pet: Choose Affection and Attention Instead

Overfeeding Your Pet: Choose Affection and Attention Instead

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The way to our hearts is through our stomachs…honestly, who can resist a home cooked meal or an especially tasty dessert? Even a well-timed snack can make us jump for joy.

However, while your pet may share your enthusiasm for food, indulging in an extra treat or two can render a carefully balanced diet obsolete. Overfeeding your pet is not the way to show love – even though it feels good to please those doleful, begging eyes.

Employing lots of attention and displays of affection, Schertz Animal Hospital offers ideas to prove your love without adding any extra calories.

The Downside of Overfeeding Your Pet

Your pet depends on you for a lot of things, but a proper diet is critical to his or her health and longevity. Overfeeding your pet can lead to obesity and illnesses such as diabetes and arthritis. If your pet is obese or overweight, he or she is likely to be more tired and therefore less active. However, a slimmer pet can run and jump for what seems like hours, achieving a happier state of mind overall.  

Even small amounts of people food can alter your pet’s silhouette, so it’s best to stick to just the essentials and skip the occasional table treat.

Skip the Begging

The best way to show love for your pet is by simply spending time together. Neglect can make you feel guilty, and guilt can cycle into treating your pet to delicious – yet superfluous – tidbits. Instead, opt for longer snuggles, extra walks, or concentrated playtime to keep your pet on the healthy side of life.

Agility training is another great option. Cultivating your pet’s skills and abilities can help him or her achieve optimal physical health and increases mental stimulation.

Want to go that extra mile? Treat your lovable pet to a new item from Berkley’s Boutique while he or she is getting a bath!

A Quiet Place

Another alternative to overfeeding your pet is to set aside a special place for him or her to relax. We’re big fans of crate training because it provides a natural retreat that’s quiet and comfortable. As a bonus, if you ever need to travel, getting your pet ready to go is easy as pie.

Routine is Key

You may balk at doing the same things at the same time every day, but your pet thrives on haivng an established schedule. Part of your pet’s daily routine includes mealtimes, bathroom breaks, grooming, and tending to his or her dental health.

Regardless of age, implementing pet care routines is most successful when your pet expects the task to occur. Just ask your adorable young pet or your dependable senior companion – routine is essential!

Fill Up on Love!

Overfeeding your pet is detrimental to his or her physical health and has negative mental consequences, as well. Instead, engage in an activity with your pet, and he or she will forget all about that delicious peanut butter sandwich you decided not to share!

As always, the veterinarians and staff at Schertz Animal Hospital are always here to help. Please let us know how you show love and affection for your pet!

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