Cat Adoption Checklist: Be Ready Before the Big Day

Cat Adoption Checklist: Be Ready Before the Big Day

It is always an enjoyable day when it is time to pick up your new furry friend! Cat adoptions can be easy and smooth as long as you have everything prepared ahead of time. It is recommended to make a quick checklist before bringing your cat home to ensure that you have everything they will need.

Keep in mind that this list is subject to change. Every cat has their very own needs. For example, adult cats with anxiety may also require a blanket that has the smell of their previous owner or pet siblings. Either way, this general list is a great place to start and get an idea of what new cat owners should provide for their new adoptees.

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How to Adopt a Cat

Before we can dive into what you will need to have ready for a new cat, we recommend looking into how to adopt a cat. Every cat shelter has its own needs and requirements, so it’s good to ask specific questions to the ones involved and in charge of the animals.

Most adoption shelters and agencies want to know that the new families have enough space and permission to have animals in their homes. This is especially important for families that live in apartments and rental units. You must have proof that you are allowed to adopt and take in animals. This is a liability for the shelter, as they want to make sure that the cat is not returned or given up.

It is a really big responsibility to adopt a new feline friend into your life, and you need to know if you are actually ready and up for the challenge.

10 Must-Have Things on Your Cat Adoption Checklist

Listed below is a general list of the ten mist have things you should have ready and on your cat adoption checklist! Not a big fan of writing things down? Even a list on your phone can help you remember important things to provide for your new feline friend.

Cat Food

All cats have specific dietary needs, and this is especially true for cats that have been adopted, including elderly cats that typically need a specific diet because of health issues. It is important to know what your new cat is able to eat and what it cannot. This makes it a lot easier to buy the necessary food for them.

Litter Box

The second thing on your cat adoption checklist should be a litter box. This may sound simple, but you would be surprised by the number of people who forget to buy litter as well as a litter box. We recommend consulting with the animal shelter and asking what litter brand they provide the cats to make the transition easier.

Cat Accessories

Cat toys and accessories should also be considered. It’s good to help your new pet get used to their surroundings by buying them toys and items of comfort.

Food Bowls

You can’t buy food and forget the food bowls! There are many to choose from, including food bowl mazes that keep your new cat pet entertained while building and maintaining a strong mind.

Cat Bed

Although cats sleep anywhere, as they want to, it is still good to establish a safe space for them. Welcome in your new pet with their very own cat bed.

Comfortable Corner

It is common for cats to feel nervous during their first few days in a new atmosphere. Don’t take it personally. Instead, you should create a comfortable corner where your cat can lay when they are feeling stressed. This will help them transition easier.

High Up Spaces

Although you do not need to purchase a huge or elaborate cat tower, it is good to have a space that is high enough that your cat can reach and see the rest of the home. Cats are curious pets and like to feel like they are in control.

Claw Clippers

You would be surprised just how fast a cat’s claws grow. We recommend buying adult and kitten clippers so that you can maintain your cat’s claws at a safe and comfortable length. Long claws not only hurt us, but also our cats, since they tend to get stuck on fabrics easily.

Adoption Papers

Don’t forget to save your adoption papers and the rest of the applications. This is something super important and yet is often left as the last thing on the list. With the excitement that comes with adopting a new cat, it is understandable to forget a few things.

Vet and Vaccines

Do you have a vet decided for your cat? What about vet visits to get the right exam and vaccines? This should be a priority. Although most shelters are amazing and do quality checks, there are a few that do not properly check the health and well-being of their cats. It is good and natural to seek a second opinion on your new furry friend.

Our Vets Look Forward to Meeting Your Newly Adopted Cat

We hope our cat adoption checklist is helpful for you and your new best friend! To schedule your cat’s first exam with us, reach out to our animal hospital

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