What’s Fun and Free? Our DIY Pet Toys!

What’s Fun and Free? Our DIY Pet Toys!

DIY pet toysWhile festive, the holiday season can also be expensive! With all the shopping and travel, the bills can certainly add up fast. When it comes to playtime and exercise with your companion, the pet toys you use don’t have to be costly at all – in fact, they can be free!

To help keep your options budget friendly, we have some great DIY pet toys that are sure to please your four-legged friend.

10 DIY Pet Toys on the Cheap

  1. Cardboard box – You know every meow pal adores an empty cardboard box, and right after the holidays, there will be plenty of them! Instead of just pitching the box on the floor, try connecting boxes of different sizes by cutting tunnels and doors, then taping them together for an awesome cat castle.
  2. Sock tug – Got a few ratty old sweatsocks lying around? Socks can be filled with balls or other materials and knotted at the ends for a makeshift tug-of-war toy.
  3. Puzzle games – Creating a brain game for your pet is as easy as hiding kibble around the house. Better yet, grab a muffin pan and add a few treats in a couple of the containers, then cover with tennis balls for your pet to sleuth out. You can also cut circles in a recycled soda bottle, then insert your pet’s daily food portion in the bottle for them to roll and dispense, similar to this cool DIY interactive feeder.
  4. Handmade catnip mice – If you have some leftover fabric scraps and a needle and thread, you can easily sew a catnip toy with some filler and, of course, the green stuff your cat goes gaga over.
  5. Homemade pupsicles – While these aren’t necessarily a toy, they can certainly intrigue your pet and keep them busy. Check out some of these homemade snacks.
  6. Rope toy – There are several tips and tricks online for an awesome new rope toy, which can be made out of old t-shirts, jeans, or other cotton clothing (check these out or this one too). You can use them for a game of fetch, tug-of-war, or as a self-entertaining chew toy.
  7. Reusable plush toy – If your pet has chewed all the stuffing out of a favorite toy, there’s no need to throw it away. Use crumbled paper, cotton balls, or scrap fabric to fill and sew the toy back to its former glory.
  8. Cat tree – If you have some 2×4’s or other scrap lumber in the garage, a cat tree is the perfect toy for your feline companion. Not only does it invite more exercise, but it also reduces boredom if you place the tree in front of a window or inside a screened patio.
  9. Interactive games and movies – If you already have a Netflix subscription, why not give your cats their own TV experience with the Cat Channel? Another great idea for your pet’s enrichment are interactive video games, like Mouse or CatFishing 2.
  10. Empty toilet paper or paper towel roll – Want to make a quick toy on the cheap? This freebie item can be remade into a fun toy. You can also just give your pet the empty roll and watch them bat it down the hall.

Short on cash or just love to be frugal? There are many free toys you can make with items just lying around the house. What are some of your favorite DIY pet toys? We’d love to hear about them!

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