5 Fun And Easy Dog Tricks For Dogs Of All Ages

5 Fun And Easy Dog Tricks For Dogs Of All Ages

dog tricksHaving a dog is wonderful, but having one that can do dog tricks is even better!

Assuming your dog already knows the basic obedience commands (sit, stay, come), adding a few fun extras to his or her repertoire should be a snap. So, grab some delicious dog treats, and let’s get to work!

Sit Pretty

‘Sit pretty’ is basically just a fancy version of the classic ‘beg’ posture, where the dog is sitting on his or her hind legs with front feet and paws curled and held out in front.

  • Start by asking your dog to sit
  • Hold a treat just above your dog’s nose, and slowly raise it higher
  • As your dog lifts his or her body to get the treat, the front feet will come off the ground. At that point, praise your dog and give the treat
  • Continue raising the treat higher and higher, until your dog is completely sitting on his or her haunches. Allow your dog to rest his or her paws on your arm for a few seconds if necessary, until he or she gets the hang of balancing
  • Once your dog is consistently performing the trick, assign a verbal cue such as “sit pretty” or “beg”

Roll Over

  • Ask your dog to lie down
  • Kneel down and hold a treat to the side of his or her nose
  • Move the treat toward your dog’s shoulder, enticing him or her to roll to one side, at which point offer praise and the treat
  • Once your dog has the hang of rolling over to one side, move the treat from the shoulder to the backbone area. This should cause your dog to roll onto his or her back
  • Continue moving the treat until your dog has completely rolled to the other side (praise and treat).

Take A Bow

  • Start with your dog in a standing position
  • Hold a treat in your hand and push it along the floor towards your dog
  • As he or she drops down onto the elbows to grab the treat, quickly praise and offer the treat. The key is to give the treat before your dog’s back end comes down to the floor.
  • Each time you practice this trick, withhold the treat for a few seconds longer to encourage your pooch to hold the position

Give Kisses

  • Place a dab of peanut butter or cream cheese on your cheek
  • Ask your dog to “kiss” or “give kisses” as you lean toward him or her
  • Let your dog take care of the rest!
  • Eventually your dog should be able to do this trick without you having food on your face

Give A Hug

  • Sit or kneel to get down to you dog’s eye level
  • Hold a treat in your hand behind your head around your neck
  • Your dog will move forward in an attempt to grab the treat, allow him or her to nibble at it a bit and then give the whole treat, keeping your hand and arm in the same position
  • After your dog repeats the action several times, assign a verbal cue such as “hug me”
  • Gradually increase the time before you give your dog the treat, encouraging him or her to maintain the hugging position
  • Eventually, cue your dog without putting your hand behind your head, and reward him or her for performing the trick. Keep trying if he or she doesn’t get it right away.

The Benefits Of Dog Tricks

Dog tricks are fun for humans to watch, but they serve a greater purpose for our canines. Learning and mastering any new skill stimulates a dog’s brain, encourages movement, prevents boredom, and deepens the bond you share with your pet.

We look forward to seeing what new tricks your dog can do at his or her next wellness exam! As always, don’t hesitate to contact your team at Schertz Animal Hospital with your questions or concerns about your pet.

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