Keeping Your Pets Active During Hibernation Season

Keeping Your Pets Active During Hibernation Season

Schertz_iStock_000015035676_MediumStaying active in the colder months is all about finding ways to keep little toes and noses comfortable on those wet, windy days. Although it doesn’t generally doesn’t get that cold here in Schertz, anything that makes your pet turn their nose up at heading out the door probably means they won’t be getting enough exercise.

It’s easy to give your pet and yourself a pass if you’re not prepared to deal with the chill. Have a few supplies and ideas on hand to be ready to conquer the winter blahs together.

  • Clothing – A water resistant jacket will help with the adventure and with the cleanup, you’ll have a warmer dog AND less soggy dog smell! If those little feet will let you put booties on, all the better!
  • Plan an Adventure – Next time you wake up to grey skies and showers, have a plan up your sleeve. Is there a Doggy Daycare in your area where Buster can go hang out with the gang for a few hours? Can you arrange a playdate with the friendly fuzzy family down the street?
  • Indoor Activities – If heading outside just isn’t in the cards there are lots of ways to keep your pet stimulated and active in the house.
    1. Cats and dogs both seem to never get enough of the laser. Ever.
    2. If you have a long hallway to play fetch you can practice your throw endlessly with your own fuzzy, wagging, ball return.
    3. Learn a new trick! Go beyond (or reinforce) the basics with some good treats and a good attitude. Fido will be rolling over in no time and learning is mentally stimulating as well as physically tiring. Training time is also an excellent bonding experience for the both of you.
    4. There are so many silly games to play indoors, try a food version of hide and seek! With the dog in another room hide a treat or two, then let them in to find them. Hide the treats in increasingly difficult spots as they catch on to the game.

    The idea is to keep our pets active and healthy no matter the weather. Even something as simple as walking in a new area can perk up those noses with new smells. Make the adventure worth the mess and they will be excited even on the icky days when a cosy nap seems more appealing.



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