More Love To Give: Why Adopting A Senior Pet Is A Good Choice

More Love To Give: Why Adopting A Senior Pet Is A Good Choice

Schertz_iStock_000008134278_Large.jpgThere are usually extenuating circumstances that lead to the surrender of a pet, and whether it’s military deployment, divorce, relocation, or inability to pay for care, millions of senior pets languish in shelters every year. Can you imagine one day receiving meals, naps, and attention like always, only to wake up the next day in a shockingly unfamiliar shelter? It’s a nightmarish scenario for any pet, but for an aging or elderly pet, waiting and hoping to go back home may be even more painful.

Luckily for senior pets – and all of their prospective owners – there is new and developing research in full support of senior pet companionship. If you’ve been wondering if adopting a senior pet is for you, we’ve got your bases covered!

National Adopt A Senior Pet Month

November is wonderful for many reasons, but possibly the most important involves the celebration of National Adopt A Senior Pet Month. The entire month is slated to build awareness around the virtues of sharing your life with a senior pet, and we are always thrilled to help out with this special and rewarding cause.

The Short List Of Pro’s

If you’re on the brink of adopting a senior pet (or know someone that could benefit from senior companionship), we’d like to offer this short list of “pro’s”:

  • Bottomless gratitude – Offering your home and affection to a senior pet that may have previously known the value of a warm, cozy place to sleep, or an inviting hand to brush up against, may allow for the most devoted friendship you’ll ever know. A senior pet seems to understand that he or she was “saved” by a new owner, and will show unparalleled gratitude for the rest of his or her days.
  • Limited necessary training – Sure, adopting a puppy or kitten is a worthwhile endeavor, but let’s face, a little one needs a great deal of time, attention, and training to understand the outside world. A senior pet, on the other hand, typically comes with adorable know-how and a tempered enthusiasm.
  • Established temperament – Adopting a senior pet isn’t full of guesswork; in a sense, what you see is what you get. The personality and general reactions to stimuli are already developed and somewhat predictable.
  • Expectations are understood – Once all of the necessities are met (food, water, shelter, bathroom, exercise, etc.), a senior pet is somewhat self-sufficient. You may find that your senior pet simply wants to hang out or be be around you in a mellow way.
  • Life lessons – A senior pet has grown up from puppy or kitten hood, and the pre-requisites for proper adulthood are satisfied. Litterbox training and outdoor potty breaks are established, as well as understanding and following simple commands.  Longer attention spans and control over impulses make a senior pet especially wonderful to be around.
  • Good for all – People of all ages can benefit from sharing time and space with a senior animal. It’s been shown that senior citizens and young families alike tout the virtues of a senior pet, plus you’ll be saving a life!

Saving A Senior Life

Cats and dogs are generally considered seniors around the age of 7 years old. Adopting a senior pet doesn’t mean you’ll have to say goodbye anytime soon; with proper senior pet care  your senior cat or dog could have 5-10 years or more at your side.

Adopting A Senior Pet

If you choose to adopt a senior pet this November, you’ll be in great company. The national movement toward providing forever homes to deserving seniors is a worthy cause, and we’re happy to help in the effort. Please let us know if you have questions about caring for senior pets, need assistance adopting through Home For Pets, or want to bring in your new senior pet for a visit. We cannot wait to meet your new friend!

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