Summertime Paw Care and Safety

Summertime Paw Care and Safety

A brown dog receiving a medical injectionDespite how much we rely on them, feet are often taken for granted. The same can be true of your pet’s paws – they’re sensitive and subject to a lot of rough surfaces and rowdy activity.

When most owners consider sun and heat safety, it often centers on dehydration, sunburn, and heatstroke. While these conditions are certainly important, pet paw care should also be a concern during the hot summer months.

To keep your pet’s tootsies free of burns and injuries, practice these essential paw care tips.

10 Paw Care Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

  1. Keep nails trimmed. Many injuries occur when nails become too long and affect balance. To prevent snags, breaks, and tumbles, keep your fur friend’s nails trimmed and feet well-groomed.
  2. Inspect your pet’s paws. Get into the habit of inspecting your pet’s paws at the end of each day. Look for injuries, foxtails, plant barbs, parasites, and any other potential hazards.
  3. Moisturize dry pads. Summer heat and hard, rough surfaces can lead paws to become dry and cracked. This can cause a lot of pain and possible infection. To keep paws healthy, use a pet formulated moisturizer or paw pad balm.
  4. Use dog booties. A good way to protect your pet’s paws when out for a walk or on the trail is with a pair of dog booties. Just be sure to have your pet measured for a secure, comfortable fit.
  5. Check surface temperatures. This is essential to pet paw care. Although it may seem cool outside, asphalt, concrete, wooden decks, and packed earth can be much hotter than you think. Check surface temps by placing your palm on the ground. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pet.
  6. Opt for the grass. During warm weather, seek relief from the heat on a grassy meadow or lawn. Look for areas with plenty of shade trees for rest and water breaks.
  7. Treat cuts and scrapes. Be sure your pet first aid skills are up to snuff. If your pet scrapes or cuts a paw pad, clean the wound with soap and warm water. Use a pet-safe antibacterial ointment to prevent infection.
  8. Take extra care at the lake or beach. Shorelines and lakefronts are often littered with broken glass, fishing line, and other debris. Before you let your dog loose, check for possible risks, including hot sand.
  9. Go for an early morning walk. Early mornings are a wonderful time for you and your fur pal to enjoy some outdoor recreation. Whether it’s a walk in the park or a game of fetch in the backyard, outside time is best spent during hours when the sun and heat are less intense.  
  10. Seek veterinary care for deep cuts, wounds, or burns. If your pet sustains any severe injuries, he or she should be examined immediately. Please contact the team at Schertz Animal Hospital if your pet requires emergency care.

From leaping and running to hiking and lounging on the deck, summer is the season for pet-friendly outdoor fun. Just be sure to keep your best friend cool and safe and practice our tips for perfect paw care.

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