Credible Pet Medical Information in the Age of the Internet

Credible Pet Medical Information in the Age of the Internet

Kitty Bath TimeCommunity libraries used to be the hotspot for information, wherein rows and rows of shelves buckled beneath the weight of encyclopedias and other research books. And these books weren’t in general circulation; instead, you could visit them and make copies of pertinent pages.

While the library remains an important place for learning, the worldwide web has streamlined the dissemination of information.

While we can’t argue against the power of the internet, it can be dangerous to trust every site you visit – especially when it comes to pet medical information. Because your pet’s health is our top priority, we’d like to offer some tips on how to safely surf the net.

Understanding Red Flags

Relying on web-based pet medical information can be convenient but can also be harmful. Searching the internet can also be time-consuming, and when a pet is sick or injured, every passing moment is critical. Please don’t delay seeking professional care in the event of an emergency.

Time on Your Side

The team at Schertz Animal Hospital strives to be your number one source of pet medical information, but we understand the power and draw of the internet. It can be extremely quick and helpful to learn new things online, but many pet-centered websites publish false, outdated, or inaccurate pet medical information. To keep your pet safe and to preserve his or her health, please remember that credible websites never:

  • Tout homemade cure-all’s or natural remedies (especially those that claim a product is better for your pet than veterinary care)
  • Offer to “diagnose” a pet’s illness or conditions without a physical examination or diagnostics
  • Sell medication without a prescription, such as parasite preventives or NSAIDs (many drugs may be expired or fake)

Finding Correct Pet Medical Information

It’s important to become educated about your pet’s breed, age, behaviors, and risks for illness and injury. That’s what makes you a truly responsible pet owner!

While there’s no substitute for veterinary care, we do recognize and recommend the following websites for valid pet medical information:

Since you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with other pet medical information found on our blog. We also offer access to our pet health library for further study.

If you ever have any questions regarding pet medical information found anywhere online, please let us know. We’re always here for you and your pet!

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