The Goody Bag: What to Know About Pets and Parties

The Goody Bag: What to Know About Pets and Parties

pets and partiesA charmingly social pet can add a great deal of fun to any festive party. They’re cute, enthusiastic, and excellent subjects of conversation – if they’re well-behaved, that is. Not every pet is cut out for company, and not every person is tolerant of a four-legged party guest. Add to that a variety of things to get into (from balloons to tasty treats), pets and parties don’t always mix.

First Things First

Whether you’re hosting a child’s birthday bash or attending a grown-up get together, it’s critical to have your pet’s ID tag secured to his or her collar. Also update any changes to your pet’s microchip, if necessary. Doing so may lead to a sweet reunion if your pet bolts out the door or chases something and gets lost.

Best Behavior

That leads us to our second point. Allowing your pet to attend a party or participate in certain social activities depends on his or her track record. It’s not uncommon to think a pet’s personality can adapt to constant, unpredictable noise and foot traffic, only to find out that it’s too much to handle. Keep a close eye on behavior and make changes accordingly.

You can mitigate your pet’s over-stimulation by providing a dim, quiet place for him or her to relax while guests are over. This should be as far away from the action as possible. Provide cool water, preferred toys, and favorite treats.

Notify Your Guests

Alert your friends and family members that Fluffy or Fido should never be let out without your permission, and prohibit the sharing of any treats. If your pet chooses your party as the perfect time to try out new jumping, barking, or aggressive behaviors, it’s time to confine him or her to the quiet room.

Pets and Parties

Party food is great for us but terrible for our pets. BBQ menu items should be strictly prohibited, and sneaking a few tasty, salty tidbits from the table should be strongly discouraged. Children squeal in delight at feeding Fluffy or Fido. If your pet is amenable to this, allow them to feed your pet a few healthy snacks, like apples, tuna cubes, or your own homemade treats.

Another hazard of pets and parties is often the centerpiece. If the birthday cake is made with the artificial sweetener Xylitol and your pet gets even a small taste, he or she could be facing an emergency situation.

Lastly, if you’re hosting adults, make sure alcohol is never accessible to your pet.

To Party or Not to Party?

The bottom line is this: if you think your pet can remain safe and calm, just make the call whether he or she can hang out with the rest of the crowd. Exercise your pet before the party begins so he or she is calm when guests arrive. Later, you might incorporate your pet into the fold by creating party games about or for him or her (kids love this!).

Otherwise, allow your pet to have the space and time to relax without human interference. You might also consider boarding your pet with us for the day, night, or weekend to relieve any potential stress related to pets and parties.

If we can assist you with additional questions or concerns, please give us a call.

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