Puttin’ on the Ritz: Is Your Pet Costume Friendly?

Puttin’ on the Ritz: Is Your Pet Costume Friendly?

iStock_000048185660_Large.jpgSo, you are putting on the finishing touches to your Franken-pug and Bride of Franken-pug outfits, only to question whether your pets even like to be in costumes. One glance at the torn off bits of fabric and askew wig has you wondering if all that work was for naught.

Then again, you may have a dog who adores the pageantry and praise of another year of creative costuming.

No matter what end of the Halloween costume spectrum your pet falls on, there are some clues to determine whether or not your pet is costume-able…and if so, some pretty fun ideas for this year’s holiday bash.

Is Your Pet Ready for Halloween?

In a perfect Halloween state of mind, you might envision your adorable fur friend all dressed up and ready to be shown off to friends and neighbors. On the other hand, you may be the pet owner who dreads every holiday because your pet has anxiety around noise and strangers.

Realistically, holidays can be pretty daunting for pets. The commotion, the open doors and gates, and the people can make for a scary evening, and not in a lighthearted way.

To gauge your pet’s readiness for the festivities, ask yourself the following, “Is my pet afraid of noise, strangers, or new situations?” If the answer is yes, your pet may be better off being boarded or chilling in a quiet room in the home during the events of the evening.

It’s also important to consider your pet’s comfort level in the costume. If you notice any of the following signs of discomfort or distress, forego the costume.

  • Consistent chewing or pulling on costume
  • Inability or refusal to move
  • Inability to lie down or get comfortable
  • Panting or other signs of anxiety

You will also want to ensure the costume is properly fitted, allowing for a regular range of movement, does not have beads or other items that can be ingested, and does not restrict breathing or cover the face.

Cute, Spooky, or Just Plain Cool Pet Costume Ideas

Now, we are assuming, since you are looking for ideas, that your pet is a costume pro. And, with all of the great themes and options, where do you even begin to narrow down the pet costume possibilities?

Here are a few of our favorites of the season:

We can’t wait to see some of your pet costume creations this Halloween. And, if you have any questions about pet safety during the trick-or-treating holiday, please contact us.

Oh, and remember to bring all pets inside during the week of Halloween (since animal cruelty and pranks are an unfortunate reality during the holiday).

From your friends at Schertz Animal Hospital, we wish you a howling good Halloween!

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