Happy Birthday! How to Throw An Amazing Birthday Party for Your Pet

Happy Birthday! How to Throw An Amazing Birthday Party for Your Pet

Throwing a birthday party for your pet is a great way to celebrate pet adoption

If you’re like us, you love any chance to celebrate. And what better occasion to acknowledge than the birthday of a beloved pet? Birthday parties are always fun, and once you learn how to throw an amazing birthday party for your pet, you’ll be planning one every year from now on!

Schertz Animal Hospital has some great ideas about how to take your pet’s birthday party to the next level. From playful to extravagant, there are many ways to get the party started. So without further ado, here are our tips:

A Birthday Party for Your Pet

For your dog, consider the following options:

Find a place – if your home is not pet friendly, there are lots of other options for hosting a birthday party for your pet. Public parks, beaches, and even a dog friendly restaurant could all be amazing spots for dogs to party down. Remember they needs lots of wiggle room, and call the appropriate organizations for permission.

Go for great decor – go beyond paw prints with decor in your pet’s favorite theme. Do they love to hike? Swim? Or play fetch? Make the most of their loves in your decorations. Or go for a costume contest (if they like dress up) or a holiday themed party. The sky’s the limit!

A winning cake – have you seen what people can do with dog birthday cakes? These nutrition filled dog safe treats are now bordering on gorgeous, and we dare you not to eat some, too. Try peanut butter paw print “pupcakes”, or one of these yummy recipes. After baking or ordering a cake, don’t forget to personalize it. You can place a likeness of your dog on top, or decorate it with something your dog loves to do, following your theme.

Doggy ball pit – remember loving ball pits as a kid? Dogs get the same level of happiness when diving into a pile of colorful plastic balls. Or, try dumping out a large number of balls in your backyard and watch the unadulterated joy commence.

Agility course – it doesn’t have to be complicated, but creating an agility or obstacle course for dogs can be hilarious and fun. Some dogs may not get the concept, but that’s ok. You can build tunnels and jumps, and watch as humans and dogs alike create movie worthy antics.

Food frenzy – no birthday party would be complete without food. As you’re preparing snacks for your human guests, don’t forget to add some pet friendly treats as well. Look for homemade healthy dog treat recipes, and don’t forget to provide plenty of cool fresh water for all the pets to prevent dehydration.

Poop bags – no doggy event would be complete without poop bags. Don’t forget to pack them to prevent anyone from stepping into anything accidentally, and if the party is inside try and schedule times for your guests to go outside and relieve themselves.

Favors – those goody bags given out at kids parties are some of the best things about parties. Party favors can be as simple as a few treats and toys, tied in a plastic bag with a fun bow. With the day winding to an end, your guests will love taking something home to remember all the fun by.

Party Planning for Cats

Your cat likely doesn’t want a group event with other cats, but that’s no reason not to throw her a fabulous party. Here are some ideas to give your feline friend a memorable birthday.

Catnip toys – cats love catnip, and buying some new toys to entice her are fun ways to get a party started.

Food fans – cats love treats too, so buy some that your cat loves and hide them in her favorite spots.  You can also make delicious cat treats and of course, a birthday cake!

Invite friends – we mentioned not inviting any other cats, but your friends and family who love your cat should be invited to your cat’s big celebration.

Games and fun – some kitties love laser pointer tag, and some love rainbow feather wands. Pull out whatever your cat loves to do, and play some fun games with her on her special day. If your cat is not the playing type, spend some extra cuddle time or treat her to a gentle brushing session to let her know how much you want to celebrate her today.  

A Catio: the ultimate gift – for cats, the ultimate in birthday presents is her very own safe outdoor space. Give her the gift of a whole new world of her own, and watch her relish the sunny sleeping spots, climbing area, and green plants to her heart’s content.

Boxes and circles galore – if you have cats, you know how entertaining these 2 simple things can be. Set up multiple boxes around your house, and create circles for your cat wherever you can. Your cat will be in heaven with just these 2 forms of fun. ‘Nuff said.

After the Big Event

Your pet was a rock star for the day, and now it’s time to let them rest. Give them some space and peace and quiet, to let them recuperate from all the excitement. A quiet and calm spot in their bed, crate, or quiet room, or a blanket to burrow under will be a welcome way to wind down at the end of the day.

Have you ever given your pet a birthday party? Do tell about all the details! Give us a call if you need more ideas or have questions about how to give a birthday party for your pet.

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