Want to Adopt a Cat?  The Reality After the Choice

Want to Adopt a Cat? The Reality After the Choice

Orange and white cat in bright orange cageMost cat owners can recall the minute they first laid eyes on their cat. Yes, when a connection between human and feline is initially formed, it’s sort of a game changer. Life, as you knew it, was altered by a cute, playful fluffball.

Sometimes, a person sees enough funny cat videos online to seal their fate as a future cat owner. It happens! No matter what, though, the choice to adopt a cat is a big one that comes with many considerations.  

Do You Value Sleep?

Cats make great pets, but you have to get used to their schedule. Crepuscular in nature, cats enjoy raising a ruckus during the hours surrounding dawn and dusk. That doesn’t mean they always wake you up at 2 a.m. with a wild case of the zoomies, but before you adopt a cat, we recommend being open to a new way of seeing the clock.

Long-Term Relationship

Cats can live well into their second decade. While kittens are adorable and irresistible, they do grow up into full-fledged adult cats. No, this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to charge them rent. Instead, you have to be ready (financially, emotionally, and physically) to provide top-notch care throughout their entire life.

Preferred Housing

Cats are considered low-maintenance pets. Even though they don’t necessarily require a yard, they still depend on their owners for all levels of health and happiness, including daily exercise and affection. Also consider the following:


  • Housing – Do you live alone, with roommates, or with family members who might be allergic? If you rent, does your landlord approve of cats in the house? Are there other animals in the house or shared apartment that may interfere with your cat’s well being? It’s also absolutely critical that before you adopt a cat, you look closely at all the possible dangers in your home and cat-proof accordingly.
  • Money – We mentioned being able to financially provide for your cat, but are you prepared to deal with a lifetime of their needs? Medical attention, health insurance, food, litter, toys, carrier, scratching post, etc. must be provided. Veterinary care can be high at first, preparing them for a life of wellness (including the cost of spaying or neutering and microchipping). As they age, cats may also require help with chronic conditions.
  • Enrichment – You can guess that if one cat’s terrific, two cats are even better! It’s true. When a cat has a playmate or littermate to run around or snuggle with, it just makes life more fun! A cat can make friends with unfamiliar animals, but if you’re able to adopt two cats at the same time, it’s a wonderful investment in their future happiness.


Yes, Adopt a Cat!

If you can safely provide for a fluffy, loving kitty for their entire life, we applaud you! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about your choice to adopt a cat. We’re always here for you. And remember to schedule their first wellness visit shortly after bringing them home!

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