Owning a Cat is Fun, But Is It Actually Good for Your Health?

Owning a Cat is Fun, But Is It Actually Good for Your Health?

Cat ownership can improve your health

From their adorably, fluffy, whiskered faces to their cute little pink paws, cats are among the most beloved animals on earth. Need further proof? Over 2 million cat videos have been posted on YouTube since 2006, resulting in more than 24 billion views worldwide.

The numbers tell us that people love the silly, zany natures of cats, but did you know that owning a cat can actually benefit your health?

Home Sweet Home

For those that adore cats and cannot fathom living without one (or more), the idea that a house is not a “home” without a cat is well known. In other words, felines just have this sort preternatural ability to transform a domicile into a deeply cozy and relaxing place to escape the outside world. They purr, rub against and head butt us, follow us around, and even “talk” to us. It’s like having a super affectionate (not to mention really, really cute) roommate!

The Results Are In

It’s true: cats have a way of upping the ante in the peaceful-relaxed-snug department. Their calm natures may not always be obvious (midnight ankle biters, anyone?), but generally speaking, cats have a way of reducing any stress you’re carrying around. This, in turn, can bring down high blood pressure, calm frayed nerves, and get the happy hormone oxytocin flowing. Said another way, owning a cat can limit the chances of stroke and heart attack.

We’re Together In This

Cats have a reputation for being sort of dismissive or aloof, but in reality they are highly social and affectionate. The great news for owners of cats is that the constant companionship of a cat at home can ward off the paralyzing effects of loneliness, anxiety, despair, and depression.

Owning a cat can make you feel more connected to the world, and increases levels of comfort and happiness. Another bonus of owning a cat: when positive emotions abound at home, Alzheimer’s disease can be kept at bay.

Laughing Out Loud

As we mentioned above, online cat videos are popular, in part, because they are so darn funny!

We collectively marvel at the ridiculous things cats do. Whether it’s in reaction to toasters, printers, dogs, or other cats, the felines we watch online are plain entertaining.

Laughter has long been touted as essential medicine for good health. Owning a cat is always lovely, but because of their innate ability to make us laugh out loud, it’s compelling evidence that the endeavor is equally good for our health.

Owning a Cat

Feline intelligence continues to be a field of growing interest. What we can tell you with certainty is that owning a cat is not only a fun, worthwhile experience, it’s one that is shared among other intellectual, creative people.

If we can assist you further with questions related to cat ownership, we hope you’ll let us know. We are always here for you at Schertz Animal Hospital!

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