Better Than Before: Pet Inspired New Year’s Resolutions

Better Than Before: Pet Inspired New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutions are for pets and pet owners

If you’re like us, your pets inspire you every day. Their unconditional love, boundless happiness, and ability to nap just about anywhere are all heartwarming parts of their character. And with the new year rolling in, it makes us wonder: are there resolutions we could make that are inspired by our pets?

The team at Schertz Animal Hospital put our collective minds together to think about what lessons our pets teach us on a regular basis, and we’re using those lessons as our new year’s resolutions this year. Here are are top picks for pet inspired New Year’s resolutions!

Pet Inspired New Year’s Resolutions

Live in the moment – with full days and multiple distractions, it’s more difficult than ever to stay present. Our dogs and cats aren’t stressing about tomorrow or worrying about yesterday – they enjoy each day and moment that they are in. this is something we could all be better at!

Say you’re sorry if you’ve ever come home to a mess made by your pet (who hasn’t?) you may know that pets have some of the best sorry faces we’ve ever seen. When you make a mistake in life, take a cue from your pets and own up.

Play more –  Pets love to play, and watching your cat stalk and pounce on a feather wand or your dog go after a ball at the park is one of the joys of pet ownership. Play is an important component of happiness, and so playing in whatever way you love is vital to your health, too.

Look at things from a new angle have you ever seen your dog lie on her back, looking around from upside down? Talk about a fresh perspective! Sometimes it’s good to get a new take on things, and our pets have taught us that it’s ok to lie down, hang your head off the couch and look at everything from a new angle.  

Nap often napping can refresh you and help reduce anxiety and stress. Have you ever wondered why your cat has that ultra relaxed and all-knowing look? Cats nap up to 23 hours per day. ‘Nuff said.

Drink more water water is a vital component for good health. The average adult does not drink enough water to maintain good hydration. When we see our dogs lapping it up after a long walk, we are reminded that we need to make water a priority.

Get a checkup every year we take our pets in for their preventive health care exam, and our needs are no different. Let’s all resolve to be seen by our doctors at least one a year to maintain our health and happiness!

Smile more, laugh often our pets never fail to put a smile on our faces. But did you know that people who smile more are healthier, happier, and may even live longer? The health benefits of smiling include lower blood pressure, stronger immune function, and even pain relief. So crack a smile more this year!

Make new friends: foster making new friends can lead to overall happiness, so this year, why not consider adding a new friend to your pet family?

There you have them, our favorite pet inspired new year’s resolutions. We can, and often do, learn so much from our pets. Are there other resolutions you have made as a result of learning from your pets? Give us a call and let us know! And from our family to yours, a very Happy New Year!

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