Tail-Wagging, Meow-Inspiring Gift Ideas for Pets

Tail-Wagging, Meow-Inspiring Gift Ideas for Pets

iStock_000051511110_LargeWhile your family tears into those brightly-wrapped gifts during your family’s festive gathering, you may also witness the sad faces of forlorn pets who also want to participate in the merriment. And, if you are like the majority of pet owners in the United States who buy their pets gifts, your pet may just be in luck!

However, shopping for a pampered or dieting pet may prove to be a challenge, as you might be trying to escape the usual array of chew toys and treats. When our pets have so much, we might ask ourselves “What should we get our pets this season?” or “What unique something-something will have them spinning in circles?”.

That’s why your Schertz team has taken the time to come up with an eclectic list of gift ideas for the pet (and the pet family) who seeks something a little different this year.

The Gift of Movement

Does your dog love a challenge? Does your high energy working breed feel bored during the winter months? An agility course for the backyard is a great way to engage your canine companion in physical and mental stimulation and problem-solving. It’s also a wonderful way to encourage exercise. While there are several beginner’s options on the market, you can also build your own canine agility course with a little planning and elbow grease.

And, don’t forget your cat! Felines also love ramps, cubes, and other climbing challenges. Consider installing a carpeted ramp to a neat window perch or a similar out of the way look-out locale your cat will love.

The Gift of Winter Warmth

While it is far from frigid here in Texas, it’s cold enough at night to inspire your cat to find your freshly laundered pile of sweaters. So, why not offer him or her a cat cocoon or other warm, soft sleeping bag for optimal winter warmth.

Does your senior dog or smooth-coated toy pup get chilly during the night? There are several self-warming and heated bed options to choose from, along with comfy fleece blankets, that will have them howling with approval.

The Gift of Generosity

If your pet truly has everything a beloved fur friend could ever need, consider the many pets who are seeking shelter, food, and a forever home this season. Make a donation to a favorite animal rescue or shelter in lieu of presents and in honor of your best friend. Many nonprofits are also seeking in-kind donations of food, beds, blankets, and other gently used items – a wonderful way to repurpose your pet’s abundance. Or, even better – consider fostering a pet and help free up space in a shelter for another cat or dog on the streets.

The Gift of Health

It goes without saying that health is the key to happiness. Is your pet in need of a new toothbrush, dental cleaning, or shampoo? Have you wondered if a nutritional consultation and upgrade to his or her diet would be beneficial? These gifts are essential in creating life-long wellness and – therefore – happiness for your pet.

Joker’s Wild – Let Your Pet Choose!

But, while we want to be mindful of the risk of overindulgence, let’s not forget the FUN. Sure, your pet may have loads of toys and snacks, but every good dog (or cat) deserves a completely indulgent treat. Why not make it into an activity by bringing your pet to Schertz Animal Hospital’s Berkley’s Boutique to pick out something special and spend some time with you, too? We’d love to invite you and your best buddy in to peruse our selection of toys, treats, and other pet supplies.

The holidays are meant for loved ones and those dearest to our hearts, and our pets are no exception! We hope you’ve found these pet gift suggestions helpful and inspiring.

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