It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (To Spend With Your Pet)

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (To Spend With Your Pet)

iStock_000052726238_MediumThe holidays can be truly magical with all the twinkling lights, enchanting gingerbread houses, galloping reindeer hooves, and more. If you weren’t able to attend the Festival of Angels this year, hopefully your sense of nostalgia transported your imagination to a far-away, snow-covered, elf-filled fantasy land. But, in all of your holiday fulfillment, what is your pet up to? Chances are, your pet may need some extra time with you if you’ve been busy shopping or attending events this holiday season.

Your friends at Schertz Animal Hospital have brainstormed some of the ways you can bond with your pet during the holidays. Try to carve out some time for your best bud – it will truly be the best present of all, and the most appreciated.

  • Road Trip – You may already have the maps and the duffels packed for the long drive to Grandma’s for her holiday ham but, if not, consider going on a little trip with your pet. Some pets go bananas over driving with you in the car. Make sure you know the best rules of car safety for pets before you go.
  • Take A Hike – There are lots of trails in the Schertz area, and your pet may heartily enjoy a little respite from the couch. Getting out in nature this holiday will recharge your batteries, lower your blood pressure, and give you and your pet some needed exercise.
  • Go Shopping – Your pet may enjoy a trip to the pet store to pick out a new treat, bed, or kitty hotel. Allow him or her to pick out a new toy that will mentally and physically stimulate and entertain. Walking by the fish or birds may be a fun way to close out your visit.
  • Movie Marathon – Many pet owner’s favorite idea, plunking down with your best pet among blankets, pillows, and snacks is the best way to get through the holidays. Depending on your fancy, there’s no shortage to choose from among this list of holiday dog movies. Of course, your marathon may extend beyond a holiday story line and there are numerous movies with leading felines and canines to consider.
  • Picnic Time – Check out our local parks for a nice meal, al fresco. Your pet will enjoy the fresh air and stimulation. Use this opportunity to offer homemade pet treats to reward your pet for his or her unconditional love and good behavior.
  • Be Someone’s Special Visitor – Your pet may be good medicine for folks at a nursing home or hospital. If your pet is calm and enjoys new experiences, consider it a great opportunity to bond with your pet and make a difference in the lives of others. Just check with the facility first to see what the rules are regarding animal visitors.
  • You may have some other ideas up your sleeve that will make your pet feel loved this holiday season and we applaud your intuition and creativity. You know your pet the very best and offering the things you know he or she loves will only increase the bond you have.

    Feel free to contact us with any questions or to share how you and your pet are spending the holidays. We wish you, your pet, and your family a happy holiday!

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