Making the Call: When is it Time to See a Veterinary Specialist?

Making the Call: When is it Time to See a Veterinary Specialist?

LaboratoryAt Schertz Animal Hospital, we value the relationships that develop with our clients enjoy watching your furry families grow and change. These longstanding relationships make interactions more comfortable and, we hope, instill trust in our recommendations and care.

Because of this partnership in your pet’s care, it can be difficult when it comes time for a referral. Yet, in some situations your pet may benefit from seeing a veterinary specialist.

What is a Veterinary Specialist?

As veterinarians, we undergo extensive training. Veterinary school involves four years of additional education after earning a bachelor’s degree. Some veterinarians, however, choose to further their training beyond a veterinary doctorate degree.

These veterinarians may choose to complete an internship and residency after they graduate from veterinary school, earning another three to four years of experience in a certain field. After completing the requirements of their residency, they must then take an examination to earn their credentials. The American Veterinary Medical Association currently recognizes 40 veterinary specialties, including:

  • Anesthesia
  • Behavior
  • Dentistry
  • Dermatology
  • Emergency and Critical Care
  • Internal Medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Ophthalmology
  • Radiology
  • Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Surgery

A veterinary specialist in his or her respective field has extensive training, experience, and expertise.

Knowing When it is Time

As your regular family veterinarian, we operate much like your family physician. We can help you with most things, but sometimes what your pet may need is above and beyond what we can provide.

It may be time to see a veterinary specialist if:

We are limited in treatment options for your pet – Certain veterinary problems and issues require special training, intensive treatment, or specialized equipment. Our veterinary team is tops, but if we do not have access to the things and experience needed to successfully treat your pet, we may recommend referring you to a veterinary specialist.

Your pet has complicated or intensive needs – Sometimes things just aren’t straightforward. Pets who have multiple or complicated issues often benefit from the attention and knowledge of a specialist.

You would like another opinion – If you are frustrated by the lack of progress with your pet’s issues or unhappy with the outcome, seeking another opinion is warranted. We understand that you may wish to get someone with special expertise involved and are more than happy to help coordinate a referral.

Working with a veterinary specialist can be a great way to help your pet get the care he or she needs. Most specialists are willing to work closely with us, as your regular veterinarian, to develop a successful care plan. We all want the same thing: a happy, healthy pet. Sometimes including a veterinary specialist on your pet’s team is the best way to achieve this.

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